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Sloppy Ponytail


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A sloppy ponytail is a simple way of upgrading a traditional ponytail. It takes very less time as well as effort to achieve this style at home without getting help from anyone. You can create this hairstyle on any length of the hair starting from short to long hair. It is a perfect choice for walking in a beach or a night out on the town.
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To get a sloppy ponytail, first you must wash the hair with a shampoo and then condition it using volume enhancing products. Use a towel or a blow dryer to dry the hair and after the hair is slightly damp, use a little amount of sculpting spray. While using a towel to dry the hair, make sure it if fully dry and while using a blow dryer dry the hair by twisting it into random sections. Then pull the hair to create a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck and avoid pulling it too tightly against your head. Secure the hair with an elastic band and pull the sections of your hair with an alligator comb away from crown of the head. Try to create an uneven poof in the hair to make it look sloppy and tease the ponytail with a comb. At last spritz all over the hair with a texturizing hairspray to get into the look. You can also use a flexible hold hairspray instead of a texturizing spray for a better look.
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