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Cold Wave Hairstyle


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A cold wave is a permanent hairstyle that is based on active ingredient sodium thioglycolate. This hairstkle is also called as a wave nouveau. Most of the women can create this style at home without getting help from a hairstylist, but if you are planning to achieve it for the first time get it done from a professional stylist. There are different process that is involved in creating a cold wave, but the most noted in with wave nouveau.
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This style involves a long process such as shampooing, rodding, sectioning and applying a sodium thioglycolate chemical solution which is better to be done by professional hairstylist. Then you must spread a neutralizer and condition the hair. Try to use the hair color only after a careful assessment of your hair’s condition and condition it properly conditioned. You must try cutting the hair which has been previously relaxed and then only spread a wave nouveau over the hair, and vice versa as it can cause irreparable damage to the hair as well as hair loss. This style is usually created with wave nouveau that has a low, slightly alkaline pH and it can add a soft waves or curl to your hair. The coloring process usually takes place no sooner than 2 weeks once the wave nouveau is used on your hair. Getting chemical treatments to the hair can be dangerous and it is better to get help from a hair specialist for good results.
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