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Methods To Create Deep Waves


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There are different ways of creating a wavy hairstyle with all kinds of hair and one of the most important is to create deep waves that will make the hair look healthy. There are many women who would like to get deep waves even with thin hair which can be difficult, but here is a simple method that can helpful in achieving this style.
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To create deep waves, first wash your hair and keep it damp. Then spread pomade wave grease all over the hair and dry out any excess of water or moisture. Comb the hair from top in a forward direction which can helpful in getting the deep waves and brush the sides of the hair downward from the crown of your head. Brush each side of your head by moving downward in a curvy and half-circular motion to form the curve motion at the bottom. Then comb the hair at the back from the crown of your head and use a spiral, circular motion. Brush the hair in a spiraling motion towards the direction of your hair growth which will cover every part of your hair as you move towards downward. Now you can cover the hair tightly using a wave cap. Wearing the cap before going to bed can be a better choice which will make the waves to sit in place. Wearing it in the night time will keep the hair waves intact while you are sleeping.
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