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Hairstyle With Straw Curls


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A straw curl hairstyle is mostly worn by African-American women as it is known to be frizz free and shiny. There are different ways to create curls in your hair, but creating straw curls can give a completely different look for anyone who wears it.
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To create straw curls, first wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it as usual. Dry the hair using a towel and avoid rubbing the hair as it can cause damage. Then take the straws to cut it about one to two inches longer than your hair. Brush some of your hair to the side and put the rest of into in a ponytail. Mist the hair that was parted with a gel to make it slightly damp. Use the end of the small section to wrap it around the straw tightly and continue this process until the whole length of your hair is around the straw. Use bobby pin to the straw by sending the pin through the hole in the straw and take another section of hair to wrap it around the straw tightly in the same way. Continue the wrapping process until all of the hair has been set in straws. Now you can blow dry the hair or leave it to dry naturally. Remove the bobby pins from all the straws and take the straws out from your hair. Use your fingers to comb the hair gently and apply a shine serum.
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