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Haistyles With Deep Wavy Braids


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Creating deep wavy braids can be very interesting as it can give great look. This style includes a braid extension that is created with wavy hair where the top portion of your braid closest to your scalp is braided. The rest of the hair extension will be left loose which will hang in a wavy pattern. This hairstyle is usually achieved with human hair and synthetic hair also.
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Before starting the styling process, brush the hair with a comb. Then mist the loose braid ends with water or moisturizer or a leave-in spray which ever you think is better. Leave-in sprays are usually light moisturizers which can help to keep the braids looking fresh and without weighing the hair down. Now you can braid the hair into one large braid which can help to keep the wavy hair from combining and maintain the wave pattern. To create a deeper wave pattern, try to braid your hair into two or more braids. Next cover the head using a satin scarf or bonnet and leave it as it is overnight. Take out the large braid in the next morning and divide any tangled sections using your fingers. Mist the roots of the hair lightly with braid spray to end the styling process. To maintain the deep wavy braids, try to wash your hair with diluted shampoo at least once in every two weeks. Use the shampoo on the length of your braids without pulling or tugging the hair.
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