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Feed-In Braid


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A feed-in braid is very similar to a cornrow hairstyle which is common in the African culture. It is not easy to create this hairstyle as you must know the way of making cornrows. This hairstyle is a cornrow braid which has additional hair to create a sharp edge on your braids. Here is a simple process to create this hairstyle at home.
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To achieve this style, first create part down the middle of your head or at the side. The divided part must be straight and secure rest of the hair with a hair clip or a hair tie to make it stay away from braiding process. Make sure that the part created is very thin for making a medium sized braid and separate it into three parts by folding a layer your hair over. Continue to braid your hair at the scalp using the thin layer of hair. Try to create 2 to 3 rows before removing the additional hair. Braid the hair in the same way all over the natural hair and keep your hand tight while adding the hair to make it strong. Continue adding hair to the braid to create a straight line effect and finally braid your hair in a normal cornrow style which must be thin in the beginning and it must get thicker at the back of your head. Follow the same method all over your hair to make braids all over your head.
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