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Liberty Curls Hairstyle


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Liberty curls hairstyle is one of the most popular ways of styling the hair in the 1940s where many women used to wear it. In this style, there will be long hair that will be up to shoulder-length and shorter cuts will be curled high into an updo.
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To create liberty curls, comb the hair and divide it into two inch sections using a tail comb. Roll the sections over a large hot roller and then leave it for about 15 minutes to add plenty of base volume to the hair. Next take the hot rollers out of your hair and brush it full to create a fluff. Part your hair to a side or create middle part using a comb. Now divide the hair into two to three inch section on one side of the part in the front and smooth it with the comb. Hold the section at the end and pull it straight. Start rolling the section upward and toward the part using your fingers. Keep inside of the roll less than the width of two fingers and use a bobby pin through the bottom at the part. Use another bobby pin to criss-cross over it to hold the roll on top of your head. Now take the other 2 to 3 inch section of your hair on the opposite side of your part. Then smooth, roll as well as pin similar to the first section and mist the rolls with a maximum hold hairspray.
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