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No-Knot Cornrows


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No-Knot Cornrows are usually created with the help of an advanced cornrowing method which hides the hair extensions. In this style, there will be is no bulky knot in the starting of the cornrow and hair extensions added are gradually placed throughout the length of the cornrow.
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To create this hairstyle, first brush your hair with a comb and part the section of hair. Create cornrows with the first section for first two inches of the hair without adding a hair extension. Then fold a small amount of the hair extension into half to create it an n-shape and keep the fold near the point between two sections of your cornrow, middle section and side section. Continue to create a cornrow about 2 inches of hair and then add a small amount of hair extension. Use the same method until you reach the end of your scalp and end the cornrow as usual. Follow the same procedure on each section of the hair to create cornrow on every sections of the hair. Try to practice this styling with hair extensions and avoid adding too much hair at one time which will create a lump. Add hair extensions in the two sections of the hair including the middle and side of the head. Try to use good-quality hair extensions for styling the hair and make sure they stretch as long as you can. Avoid pulling your hair too tight as it can hurt the scalp.
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