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Olivia Palermo With English Plait


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Olivia Palermo has got an English plait hairstyle that is a perfect way to style the hair which is medium to long. It is considered to be a classic way of styling your hair which involves three equal sections of hair wearing together. It is one of the most liked hairstyle by the teenagers and there are many celebrities who wear it only for special occasions. This hairstyle is an attractive as well as useful way of styling the hair by pulling it back of your head. It is usually suitable for many people starting from children, teenagers and adults. Just follow these simple steps to achieve this style at home without going to a hairstylist.
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To create an English plait hairstyle, begin your styling process by brushing your entire hair at the back of your head towards nape of the neck. Next divide the hair which will be used for braiding into three different parts. Take one of the parts and cross it over the center part to make the right part the new center. Now take the left part of your hair to cross it over the new center part which will make it the new center part. Secure your braid as per your desire and then resume the braiding process till you reach the end of your hair. Finally secure your hair with a hair tie and spritz all over with a lightly hairspray to end the styling process.
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