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Hairstyle With Tease Curls


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A teased curly hairstyle has been worn by many women from a long period of time. This style was first worn during the 1900s and it has been liked by most of them till now. Teasing the hair will always a quick way to adjust the hair shafts and create custom volume. This type of hairstyle will help to change your look without using any chemicals.
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To create this hairstyle, first wash and dry your hair completely. You can also blow dry your hair to get rid of excess moisture from the hair. Use a soft bristle to comb your hair to remove any tangles, bumps or knots. Then take a two inch section of hair near your temple and keep the tips of hair in your fingers to pull it straight up away from to add some tension in hair shafts. Keep the comb in the separated section about four inches from root of your hair and pull the comb downwards in a quick motion. Continue the same process a couple of times till the end of your hair are teased lightly. Try to move the comb few inches each time you tease the hair with a quick motions till you reach the end of the hair. Release your hair from the grasp to make it and tease the hair again. Use the same method on the entire head of hair and mist all over with a little amount of hairspray.
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