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Streaked Bangs


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Having a hairstyle with bangs can give a unique for most of the women. This style can be made a little more different by adding streaks to the bangs which will give shine as well as dramatic look. Before starting the styling process make sure what type of color your will be using on the bangs.
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There are various color options that can be used to style the bangs such as vivid blond for streaks light brown hair and reddish-colored streaks for darker hair. Start the styling process a day after washing your hair and comb the bangs perfectly straight. Mix the highlighting solution as per the directions written on the highlighting kit and wear protective gloves while using them on your hair. Apply the highlights to the bangs using a highlighting comb. For vivid all-over streaking of the bangs, apply the highlights close together and for chunkier streaks, apply it to a fairly large chunk of the bangs. After applying the color, leave the bangs for the period of time mentioned on the highlighting kit. You can also do a patch test with a piece of hair at the back of the head and then apply streaks to your bangs. At last rinse the hair with water and use a hair conditioner. Blow-dry the bangs to make the streaks appear on dry hair. Streaked bangs are one of the most liked hairstyle that can be worn by women of all ages.
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