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Beach Wavy Hairstyle


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Beach wavy hairstyle is the perfect way of styling your hair that is medium to long. It is very simple and easy to create this style without putting any effort. Most of the women like to style their hair in this way as it is very easy to achieve. Try to mist the hair with a texturizing spray or you can also mix up sea salt along with water which can also give the same kind of texture. You can also use a flat iron to curl the hair instead of a curling iron, but you need more practice to do this.
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To get this style, first wash your hair and keep it slightly damp. Then mist the hair with a texturizing spray to create a rough texture. Those who have thick hair, they must mist the hair with a little amount of hairspray. Next scrunch the hair as per your desire with your fingers and avoid using a comb. Remove the tangles out with your fingers and apply a little amount of mousse all over the hair. After the hair becomes fully dry select a one of two inch curling iron. Take pieces of hair to twirl it around the barrel and avoid wrapping the hair too tight. Now spread a little amount of anti-frizz serum in your fingers and comb out the curls. There will be random ringlets twisting all over the hair which will give a beach girl look.
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