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Hairstyle With Notched Bangs


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Notched bangs are hairstyle that complements a pixie haircut and it flatters longer styles too. This hairstyle will look edgy that can be a perfect choice for accidentally short bangs. There is no need to get help from a hair specialist to achieve this style as it can be done by following few important steps. But make sure that you have the right tools to create this style without any difficulty. Here is a simple process that can be followed to get this hairstyle n your own.
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To create this style, wash your hair and dry the bangs fully before notching them. The brush the bangs down to make it smooth and adjust the part line. You must wear the hair as you normally do it and spread a little amount of styling gel over the bangs to get good control. Hold the scissors in one hand and lift a half inch section of hair horizontally using your other hand. Start cutting a notch at the end of your hair section and try to cut it in an inverted triangle shape or just cut points into the hair. Leave your hair down to make it to fall at the back of your head. Now take another section of your hair and continue adding notches to the bangs till you get desired look. There is no need to take it serious while cutting the hair as it can look messy in some parts.
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