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Inverted Cornrows


inverted cornrows inverted cornrows2
Inverted cornrows usually look smooth and flat against your scalp. It is one of the most unique hairstyle that is created flat on top of the head. It is important to keep the hair loose to avoid pain to the person who is wearing it. While braiding the hair make sure that there is consistent tightness and parts between the braids are straight.
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To get this style, first divide the section of hair which is used to create the cornrow. Then separate the gathered section into three equal sections at the hairline and the base of your braid. Keep middle section over your scalp and take the section in your hand over it. Try top push the formerly middle section aside and then keep the section of hair which was in your hand against the scalp. Take the section in your other hand over the new middle section and push it aside to make it lay against the scalp. Take a small amount of unbound hair behind the braid to keep this section in your fingers. Every time you put a side section over the middle, some of the section must be hair which was already part of your braid and some should be new hair. Try to keep the fingers lightly touching your scalp while braiding the cornrow against the scalp. Continue the braiding process until you reach the end of the hair and secure the braid with a hair tie.
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