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Creating Clean-Edged Hairline


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A clean-edged hairline can be achieved only with a good haircut. Getting this type of hairstyle can be difficult for men as well as women and especially if they have a curly along with thick growth pattern. There are few people who would like to get this hairstyle as it can give a unique look. This style can be easily achieved with proper hair-cutting tools.
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To create a clean-edged hairline, first get a haircut and then wash your hair fully. You can also spray bottle full of water all over the hair instead of taking a bath. Next lift the back of your hair until you see the hairline and brush the hairline with the help of a fine-toothed comb until you see any uneven or stray hairs. Then snip along your natural hairline using a pair of barber scissors and get rid of any long hair which extends beyond your natural hairline. Now there will be able to see the hairline easily and anything which goes beyond the dark line must be removed. Start trimming the lower edge of your hairline to get the shape of the hairline and remove any excess hair which is not long enough to see. Hold the electric razor vertically while trimming the hairline and lightly touch the tip of your razor attachment at the edge of your hairline. Then draw the razor downward and away from the hairline. Use the same method over the entire hairline to get a clean edge.
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