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Marlee Matlin’s Side Swept Bun


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Marlee Matlin has got a side swept bun which is a perfect way of styling your hair for a special event such as a wedding or other formal party. It is easy to achieve this style and make sure the length of your hair is at least medium to long which can help to get a dramatic look. It was first worn by many women in the 1920s which also includes celebrities and this style has been derived from a standard chignon.
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It is easy to create a side swept bun, begin the styling process on a day old hair which will give more hold. Then use a flat iron over the hair in case they are hair wavy or unruly. Then spread a small amount of shine serum over your hair and make sure it has been evenly distributer all over. Next make a deep side part on one side of the head as the bun will be create on the other side. Comb the entire head to make a low ponytail at the opposite side of your front part. Sweep your bangs across the front of your forehead to make the ponytail and hold it in place with bobby pins. Now you must pull the ponytail downward and then twist the hair to coil it around the base of your ponytail holder. Wrap the hair around the base of your ponytail and secure it with bobby pins. At last spritz your hairstyle with a medium-hold hairspray.
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