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Brush Curls Hairstyle


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Curly hairstyle was one of the best hair ways of styling your hair during the 1930-40s and it is still very popular among many women. Women used to spent more time to set their hair in curlers to create the curls and pinned-up looks. There are different ways of curling the hair and one of them is called as a brush curls that are very simple as well as easy to achieve.
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To get this style, you must follow the natural course of your hair to achieve this style. First spritz a detangling hairspray all over the head to prevent the hair from tangling and breaking off in the brush. Then apply a setting lotion all over the head without spreading it over the hair and brush your hair back. The curly hair will usually wave up along the top of your head. Now use finger-wave clips in a horizontal pattern across your waves on top of the head. The clips jaw openings must create ridges in the waves and the curved ends of the clips will follow the patterns of your waves. Make sure how much of the hair you would like to have in the waves. The waves must be worn down to a little past the ears or to the nape of your neck. Now fluff up the curls at the ends of your hair with the help of the hair brush. You can spread a silicone serum over the curls for a humid environment.
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