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Nifty Hair Braid


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Braids are considered to be a classic way of styling the hair. It is very popular among little girls and most of the women also wear it to look unique. There are different ways that can be used to make an ordinary braid unique looking hairstyle and one such thins is called as a nifty braid which can be achieved with just few additional steps.
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To create a nifty braid, first brush the hair to get rid of any tangles. Then separate the hair into three different parts as usual. Keep the back section away from your styling process and leave the other two sections fall normally to become one section. Next separate the back section into two small parts and take the left part to pull it under the middle part of the hair. These two parts are your two small sections of hair. Try to pull the right part that is the large section of hair and then pull it under the middle part of the hair. Now pull the left part of hair under the middle part and pull the hair to make it tight in the same fashion as you will pull the hair to tighten a ponytail. Continue the braiding as usual and pull the parts tight each time when the large section of hair comes over the middle. The pulling of is very important as it will create protrusion of the large section of hair to achieve the nifty braid.
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