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Burlesque Hairstyle


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Burlesque hairstyle use to be one of the most popular style during the 1900s and it is worn by few women eve now. There are many celebrities who like to wear the burlesque hairstyle at special events as it can give an elegant and strong look. There are different methods that are followed to create this hairstyle and here in one of them that can helpful in achieving this style.
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To create burlesque hairstyle, separate your hair into two different sections such as one on top of the head and other at the bottom. Then divide your hair in a straight line from ear to ear and secure each individually. Now take top section of the hair and separate it into uneven sections. Use the comb from right ear to above your left eye to part the hair. The section which is over the left side of the part must be larger than the right side section. Mist each section with water and wrap larger section of hair around the cardboard toilet paper roll and roll your hair front the end towards the back of your head. Continue to roll each section of the hair in the same way and secure them with pins. Take the pins from larger section of hair and keep the roll in one hand to slide a cardboard roll out using the other hand. Secure the rolled hair in place using pins and mist the hair with hair spray.
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