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Gypsy Hairstyle


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Gypsy hairstyle is the exotic way of styling the hair for special occasions. There will be mass of tangled curls over the head that will give a gypsy look. The hairstyle is usually worn along with Halloween costumes by most of the people. It is important to have at least minimum to long hair to make this hairstyle look good.
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To get a Gypsy hairstyle, first take a one inch strand of hair and roll it around the a 3/8 inch heated barrel. Then take a one inch section next the first section to wrap it with a half inch barrel and one inch barrel. Try to pin curl the hair by taking half inch and one inch sections of damp hair by twisting it counter clockwise. Twirl the hair and pin it into your head. Now take a different size roller to curl the hair and try to wrap it around with smallest as well as largest rollers in alternating sections. Next spread a fine mist of hairspray all over the pin curled hair and remove the curls one by one to make them dangle down. Use the fine mist of hairspray again all over your hair and comb the hair using fingers. Divide the curls carefully by shaking your head and use a light hairspray mist again. At last use your hands to scrounge the hair lightly to pull out curls and mist the hair with a hairspray to set the look.
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