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Random Braids


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Braided hairstyles have been worn by most of the women starting from young to old. There are different hairstyles that can be braided and one such style is called as the random braids which can make yourself look versatile. This hairstyle can give a great look if you wear it with a perfect dress. There are many celebrities who wear this style and especially Sheryl Crow who is well known to have this look. This type of style is usually worn by rockstars as it can make them look completely unique.
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To get this hairstyle, start the styling process by spreading a little amount of some hair gel or mousse all over the hair. Dry your hair with a diffuser attachment to get a wavy as well as beach look. Now divide random portions of hair and then start weaving small braids. Secure the braids using clear elastic. You can create as small braids as possible all over your hair to make this style look more perfect. These beachy waves are usually worn during the summer times and it has been popular from a long time. You can add the random braids together to get original look along with a cool boho vibe which is perfect for wearing with myriad maxi dresses. In the end of the braid, the length of the hair will be uniformly bounded. The normal form of long random braids usually depends on the position of the normal form of the hair.
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