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Hairstyle With Sponge Curls


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A curly hair can be created with different options and one of the option would be using sponge curlers. A sponge curls can created with sponge curlers which can avoid damage to the hair that is caused by hair perms, curling irons and hot rollers. Sponge curlers can gently secure your hair around each roller which will not affect the hair or scalp.
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To create sponge curls, wash your hair with shampoo and use a leave-in hair conditioner. Brush the hair to remove tangles and use a towel to dry your hair. Then part the hair down the middle using the comb and separate the hair into two sections. Secure each section of the hair with a large hair clip and separate the hair into four sections. Spread a hair gel over the one-inch section of your hair and roll them from the ends onto a sponge curler. Roll the hair around sponge curler till you reach roots of the hair to create a tight curl and then snap the roller in place with its attached clip. You can create soft curls by rolling the sponge curler around ends of your hair and use curler’s attached clip to hold it in place. Continue the rolling process until you roll your entire hair. Now mist the hair with a setting lotion and keep the sponge curlers on till the hair gets dry. Take out the sponge curlers gently to keep the curls intact and style them with your fingers.
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