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Hairstyle With Sleek Bangs


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Having a hairstyle with sleek bangs can give a good look for most of the women. Creating this style can worry some of them as you must be using a flat iron that can cause damage to your hair. But this hairstyle can be achieved by using a little bit of hair product that is available on stores. Try to consult a hairstylist before using the hair product to avoid damage to the hair.
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To create sleek bangs, first was your hair with a shampoo and condition it as usual. Try to rinse the hair completely to get rid of the product from the hair. You can also use a moisture-absorbing towel to remove the excess water from your hair. Secure the hair to by leaving only the bangs to keep them away during the styling process. Next spread a hair straightening product over the bangs. Try to add a small dab of the product in your finger tips and rub your hands before applying it through the bangs starting from root to tip. Avoid using too much of straightening product as it can make the hair stiff and sticky. Now divide the bangs and secure it using hair clips. Start blowing each section of the bangs with a blow dryer to dry it one at a time. Use large round brush or paddle brush to smoothen the hair under the blow dryer and style the rest of the hair as per your desire.
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