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Half-Back French Braid


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Braided hairstyle has been one of the worn styles among women as most of them prefer it. There are various types of hair braid and one of them is known as the Half-Back Braid which can be distinguished into different versions. One such version is called as the half-back French braid which can give a unique look and it can be worn for special occasions.
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To create a half-back French braid, first comb the hair to get rid of all the tangles. Then divide a section of hair from top of the hairline at eye level to two inches back. Then divide this section into 3 even sections to start the braiding process by weaving the far-right section under center section and over far-left section. Repeat this process until you create about three to four weaves. Now hold your braided hair in one hand and try to part another section of hair horizontally. Next separate the new section into three sections and add the right section into right section of braided hair, center section into center section of braided hair and left section into left section of braided hair. Continue to braid another three to four weaves. Keep the braided hair in one hand and make one last horizontal part with the center of your ears as guideline. Continue the braiding process until the upper half is tied back as a French braid and then secure your braid with a hair tie.
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