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Conditioning Your Hair Extensions


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Hair extensions are usually clipped, glued or braided with the hair to make it look longer. The hair extensions are of raw hair which is not been chemically treated. The hair will be arranged using a bonding strip over the top which is connected to a natural hair over your head near the root. Once the extensions are attached to your head, they require some daily care as well as maintenance. Here are few simple steps that can helpful while conditioning the hair extensions.
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While conditioning your hair, avoid using natural oils on your hair and try to moisturize them daily. Use moisturizing shampoo and get deep-conditioning treatment. Don’t purchase the hair products which have alcohol listed in the ingredients. Rinse your hair after shampooing the hair and remove the excess of water. Spread a little amount of conditioner and spread to the hair extensions starting from roots to tips. Leave the conditioner on your for about two to three minutes and rinse it with cool water. Try to remove the excess water from your hair extensions using a towel and spread a little amount of leave-in conditioner to work it through the hair. Use deep-conditioning hair mask over your hair extensions at least once or twice a week. Leave the extensions for about 30 minutes or longer with the deep-conditioning hair mask and rinse it with cool water. Try to wash the hair with a shampoo and condition with daily conditioner.
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