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Fishbone Updo


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A fishbone updo is a very unique way of styling the hair for special occasions. To create an updo, first you must be able to make a fishbone braid which is considered to be a little difficult way of braiding the hair. Even though, this style is similar to a French braid and it can difficult for the beginners.
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To create a fishbone updo, first divide a section of hair starting from top of the hair and separate it into to two equal parts. Take a section of hair from right side of the head and add it to left section. Repeat this process of taking a section from left and adding it to right. Continue this process on the other side of the head until you reach the end of the hair. Now separate a small section of the air from the opposite side which was braided finally and it must come from underneath part of the hair. Add this section to the left side of your braid. Now you must repeat this process with a section on the left of your head by adding it to the right of the braid. Continue this on the other side of the hair and till you reach the end of the hair. At last secure your braid using a hair tie. Now take the braid and put it into an updo by lifting it on top of the head as per your desire.
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