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Jessica Seinfeld With Slanted Bob


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Jessica Seinfeld is wearing a simple and beautiful hairstyle which is known as a slanted bob. It is considered to be a stylish way of styling the hair for those who prefer to keep their short. The hair is usually cut shorter at the back and it will be longer in the front in this hairstyle. This style will look as you have created a distinct angle downwards from the back of your head towards the chin. It is a mature and professional haircut that is very easy to maintain. Just follow these steps to achieve this style at home.
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To get Jessica Seinfeld hairstyle, first wash your hair with a shampoo and condition it with a suitable hair product. Then part the hair down the middle for blow drying it. Secure the hair and comb it at the back of your neck. Now you must cut the hair with scissors just below the comb gently by standing in front of a mirror. Keep a comb at an angle over the newly cut hair just behind your neck and down towards the chin. Try to cut your hair that is just below the comb following slanted tilt of the comb and slowly move right side of your hair. At last keep the comb pointing away from your newly cut hair and down towards the chin to cut your hair. Now spritz all over your hair using a finishing hairspray to complete the styling process.
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