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Taking Care Of Brassy Hair


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A brassy shade is usually found on the hair with red and golden undertones when it is chemically lightened. Most of the people try to avoid brassy tones by lifting the hair color in stages with a highlighting process and not using an overall color lift. There are few important steps that can be taken to reduce the brassy hair color.
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First go to the stylist who has colored your hair and ask them to fix this problem. Most of the hairstylist will use a neutralizing toner to rectify this problem. Get a blue-tone shampoo as well as conditioner to reduce the yellow and rust tones in the hair. This can be the best way to reduce the brassy color and when hair is not in a good shape, this may be the best way to correct it without damaging your hair shaft. You can these kinds of shampoos and conditioners which can remove yellow tints from a white, silver or platinum hair. Use an ash toner which is a deposit-only hair color treatment. Select a shade which is same as the color of your hair. It must specify toner and must contain the word ash in the color. You can also lift the hair color the next time when you lighten the hair. But you must wait at least one month without over processing the hair and then highlight or bleach it again. Now check the hair strands and keep the bleach a little longer.
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