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Tapered Haircut


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The tapered haircut can help to emphasize the shape of your head and it can also give a smooth shape at the back of your head along with sculpted hair. This hairstyle also cools the back of your neck and leaving a healthy stock of hair over the top for styling. It can be achieved at home by using proper styling tools.
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To create this hairstyle, first brush the hair to make it lie flat against the back of your head. Then mist all over the hair with a little amount of water to make it slightly damp. Now keep a guard on the electric razor for longest length of the hair you want. Turn on the razor to run it all through your hair and brush the hair to get rid of loose ends. Change guard on electric razor to one which can give the shortest length and keep the tip of a guard at the bottom line to get the closest cut. Try to angle the razor back while moving up the scalp and make the cut longer as you go up the head to create a tapered look. Now use the electric razor through your hair till it becomes tapered and mist the back of your head with water. At last look at the hair from top, sides and bottom. Try to trim the long hairs with the cutting shears and cut it at the same level as the rest of your hair.
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