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Hairstyle With Veil Braids


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Veil braids are one of the best ways of styling the hair for special occasions. In this hairstyle, there will be rows in your hair starting from ear to ear and then the hair will be brought back into the next sectioned row by braiding each section. While taking the hair out of the rubber band snip them with scissors to avoid hair breakage.
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To get this style, first separate the hair in the front of your head into three or four squares. Use a small rubber band to secure the hair in each box. Then part your hair from one side of the head from ear to ear. Use hair clips to hold your hair in place which is not used foe styling process. Next divide the hair into sections and you must create a brick pattern along with the boxes. Try to part down the middle of each square starting from the previous row and use the hair secure with the rubber band from previous row. Start braiding your hair into the boxes in the second row and secure the braids from that section using a rubber band. Now go along your head repeating the boxes and braiding the hair from previous row into the next row. Hold the veil braids in place with rubber bands till there is no hair left. At last you can put the braids into a ponytail or leave it loose for a natural look.
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