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Rattail Braid


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A rattail braid is a hairstyle that was first worn in the late 1980s. This style is mostly worn by men and there are few women who wear it look unique. In this hairstyle, there will be a thin lock of hair that will be left long at the back of your head. Having this style can give a sleeker and whip like appearance. It is usually created depending on the length of the hair and braiding a rattail is considered to be time consuming.
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To create a rattail braid, wash your hair and keep the rattail slightly damp. Then divide the hair with the help of a fine-tooth comb into three different sections. Comb the sections that were divided down the length of the rattail which will make them smooth. Try to keep the sections divided between your fingers. Next take the far left section of the hair and move it over the middle which will bring it in between the middle and right sections. Now take the right section of the hair and overlap the middle section to make it lay in between the two other sections. Take the left section of your hair to the middle and pull the woven sections on top of your head to tighten the braid. At last secure the end of your braid with a covered hair tie and try to wrap it around the end of your braid as many times as possible to keep the braid in place.
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