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Hairstyle With Unusual Knots


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Hair knots can be very easy to achieve for getting a fun and unusual style. This hairstyle does not tie your hair into the knots, but it gives the same impression. Creating unusual knots in your hair can give a unique look and it is usually created to fall on your whole head covering and even small section of the hair. This style is mostly worn as usual or it can be adjusted along with hair accessories. Here is a simple method to create this style at home.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash and then condition the hair. Then blow dry the hair and spread a small layer of smoothing cream on top of the hair. Next part the hair just down the middle and make sure that the part extends from middle of your forehead straight down to nape of your neck. Now take a one inch section of your hair and brush it out. Mist this section of your hair using a small amount of water and start twisting your hair from the scalp. Continue the twisting process until you reach the ends of your hair. Keep your hair twist in place using the hand and then wrap your hair around itself. Hold the knot in place by using hair band around base of your knot. Tuck the ends of the hair that comes out from your hair band. Use the same method on the other parts of the hair to achieve knots all over the head.
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