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Hair Bonding Technique


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Hair bonding is usually done by typically gluing in a weft hair. Weft hair is multiple strands of hair bound together that give a textured, thickness and lengthy look to your hair. The weft hair must be added evenly and in places to make it completely invisible with the help of a hairstylist.
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Before starting the hair bonding, wash your hair to get rid of conditioners and other hair products. You must begin hair bonding at the base of your neck and slowly proceed to work up the scalp. Try to start from bottom, part your hair about one inch up from the neck. Use bonding glue that comes in black, white and clear. Make sure to choose the one that can blend perfectly with the hair and skin tone. Cut a weft of hair to match it with the length of the part. Keep the weft of hair on a flat surface and divide it with a razor blade by cutting along the edge. This will support in giving the weft hair more natural and less bulky look. Apply the bonding glue at the edge of the weft and press it against your scalp along the part. Keep the weft in place for 30 seconds and leave the hair to fall back over the weft to make it look natural. Now create a new part about one inch upward and follow the same process to add the wefts to your hair.
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