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Hairstyle With Tiny Dreads


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A traditional dreads are created with beeswax which can last a few months. In the same tiny dreads are temporary hairstyle that is usually created with a styling wax. This type of hairstyle easier to maintain and it is also less cumbersome when compared traditional dreadlocks. It is mostly worn by celebrities, athletes and few corporate professionals as the hair can be maintained clean as well as neat.
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To create this hairstyle, make sure the length of the hair at least two inches long. Then part the hair in the middle to make a strong defining line. Divide the hair into 1/4 inch bundles starting from first one side of your head and moving to the other. Twist each bundle till it becomes tight and secure the end using a rubber band. Continue the twisting process until the head is covered with rubber-banded bundles. Mist the locking accelerator on the hair and scalp. Leave the locking accelerator soak for about 15-20 minutes. Now remove the rubber band from your first section of hair and back-comb the hair using a comb in a direction opposite to the natural way. After back-combing the hair of a section, twist your knotted hair again into a bundle to secure the end using a rubber band. Back-comb again and retwist each of the bundles on your head and secure it with the locking accelerator. Spread a hair wax on each of the hair bundles to end the styling process.
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