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Hairstyle With Hair Bling


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Adding hair bling tinsel to the hair can put a little bit of pizzazz into your locks. This colorful and break-resistant hair bling can be added to a few strands of the hair or all over your head to make it look unique. You must be able to follow important techniques to add hair bling to make them withstand several washings and stay for several days on your hair. Before starting the styling process, try to practice adding the bling to your hair. It can consume more time while doing for the first time and it will become easy very soon.
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To add hair bling, first comb your hair until it becomes completely smooth. Then take out one strand of the hair near the part line and keep it in between your thumb as well as forefinger where you would to add the first bit of bling. Now take one strand of tinsel and find the approximate midpoint to bend it in half using the loop at the top. Keep the strand of your hair over the tinsel loop to make the hair strand cross over the loop. Take both the ends of the tinsel to pull it back through the loop to create a loose slip knot. Next slide the knotted tinsel into the hair’s root and pull the tinsel tight. At last smooth down the tinsel and use the same method throughout your hair until to add the required amount of bling you want.
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