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Braid Hawk


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A braid hawk can be a perfect hairstyle for those who want to wear a braid with a high-fashion. This style will allow you to get a look of the Mohawk without using any painful clippers. It can easily create an edgy hairstyle that gives a simple look suitable for a club, dinner date or a concert. Try to start the styling process with a day old hair after washing it.
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Mist the hair with a spray to add more grip and texture. Next brush the hair to remove dry knots and tangles. Now tease the hair by combing from ends to the roots without damaging the hair. Start the braiding the hair at the forehead to create a high-fashion look or behind the bangs near the crown of your head for a softer look. Take the front section of the hair and divide it into three sections. Take hair from right side of the head and join it to right section of the braid. Pass it under the middle section and continue the inside-out French braiding process by adding the hair till you reach nape of your neck. Start braiding the hair without adding any additional hair to the end and secure it with clear elastic. Use the fingers to loosen your braid and add fullness. Begin on top of your head and move back to the end of your hair. Try to tuck in loose sections and secure it in place with bobby pins.
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