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Hairstyle With Dookie Braids


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Dookie braids are simple braided hairstyle that is mostly worn by children’s. In this hairstyle, there will be few loose braids which are braided away from your scalp. It is known to be the most protective style as the hair is not pulled tightly on the scalp. This hairstyle can also be decorated with hair barrettes and ribbons to make it look unique and it can be made into more sophisticated hairstyle for adults.
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It is very simple to get this style, first damp your hair with water as it can be easy to work with a wet hair. Next brush the hair with a comb to remove any tangles. Then divide the hair into the number of braids you would like to create. Take a section of the hair to braid and keep the other sections in ponytail holders. Separate the chosen section of hair into three parts and keep all three in a slight tension. Start crossing the rightmost part over center part and cross leftmost part over the part in the middle. Repeat this process until you reach the end of your hair and secure it with the ponytail holder. Use the same braiding process on each section of the hair that secured earlier with a ponytail holder. After creating the braids, try to decorate the braids with hair accessories. Avoid braiding the hair too tight and also make sure loosen your grip without pulling hard on the hair.
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