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Half Cornrows


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Cornrows are very unique way of styling your hair and it is done many ways to add an elegant touch to the hairstyles. Half cornrows are usually created around the front hairline, then move back over the top and sides of your hair which also has rows of multiple French braids.
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First wash your hair as usual and keep it slightly damp. Then create a part in the hair with a rat-tail comb to serve as a starting point and the part must run perpendicular to your hairline. You can also create a parallel part in your hair about 1/4-1/2 inch away from first part depending upon the. Try to make sure that the part does not extend on top and sides of your head. Now you can create cornrows which usually involve an underhanded French braid method. This method is similar to a common French braid and it slightly elevates the braid from your scalp. Take the section of hair that has two parallel parts at the front of your hairline and divide a smaller section of hair. Hold three sections of the hair in your hands and weave right strand under center strand. Now right strand would have become the center strand and weave left strand under center to become the new center strand. Continue this process by picking up a strand and adding it to the right strand till you reach the end of the hair. Secure the cornrow with a rubber band.
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