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Velcro Curls


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Velcro curls can give a great look for anyone who wears it and it can help to add wave as well as body to the hair. Velcro rollers are used to create this hairstyle where the hair is sticked to the roller without any support of hair pins or clips. It is an inexpensive way of creating curls over the hair. There are smaller rollers that are used to create tighter curls and larger ones can be used to make waves along with extra body.
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To get this style, first select small Velcro rollers over the short hair and the longer hair can be curled with slightly larger rollers. To create full blown curls, use the rollers less than two inches in diameter. Then wash and condition your hair. Spread a mousse, hair gel or any styling product of your choice. Use the hair product which can offer soft hold and that has thermal protection. Start rolling your hair on the Velcro rollers and use smallest rollers near the face or larger ones at the back of your head. To create the best curls try to roll your hair on the top of the head horizontally. Use heat from a hair dryer over the rollers and leave them to cool completely in the hair. Style your hair carefully with fingers and use hairspray all over the hair. You can also use a curling iron over the curls to make it more curly.
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