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Half-Back Minibraids


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Half-Back minibraids are very unique way of creating a hairstyle. This hairstyle is mostly worn by women who want to make themselves look completely unique as well as attractive and there are also children’s who wear this hairstyle. There are different methods that are used to create this hairstyle and here is one of them that can be followed to achieve it at home. Braiding hairstyles have become very common in the modern world and one of the most beautiful style is the half back braid.
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To get this style, first comb the hair to remove any tangles. Then divide at least three small sections of the hair around your face using the comb. Next braid one section of the hair by separating it into three different sections and weave the far-right section underneath center section as well as over the far-left section. Repeat this process until you reach the end of your strand. Secure your braid using a mini hair tie. Now use the same process with all the small sections of hair which was separated and there will be several minibraids around your face. Create a part by dividing the upper section of the hair and lower section of the hair. Tie all of the minibraids at the back of your head with the upper section of hair and create a ponytail. If required, try to leave couple of minibraids out of the tie to fall along the side of your face.
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