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Criss-Cross Cornrows


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Criss-cross cornrows usually overlap hair sections in a criss-cross design. In this hairstyle, the hair will be plaited close against the scalp. This style was popular during the ancient Africa and it is also worn by many in the present days too.
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First decide about the number of rows you want to have on your head. Then take a tail comb and create a vertical part, about half inch to one inch right of center of your head. Create a horizontal part at the middle of the vertical row and separate it in two. Now take the wide tooth comb to brush front section of hair and divide it horizontally, into three equal parts. Try to cornrow the front part and use metal clips to secure both middle as well as back parts to work with later. Part front section vertically and cornrow one half of the hair and other half the same way. Take the clips from the middle section and start cornrow from front section on the right side. Add two strands from left side of middle section with the braid from right side of front section and continue this process. Take the clips from back section to make a vertical part which aligns with the part in the middle section. Remove the clips from back half of your hair and part it horizontally into three equal parts. After cornrowing last section, braid your hair all the way without any ends loose.
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