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Hairstyle With Vintage Curls


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Vintage curls are the perfect hairstyle that is mostly worn by celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Gene Harlow. This hairstyle is considered to be beautiful and stylish for a long time. It is usually created using curling irons, flat irons and heated rollers, but there is a way that can be followed to achieve this style without using these styling products.
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To create this style, first wash and dry the hair as usual. Then spread a curl-enhancing serum all over the hair. Make horizontal part from top of the left ear to top of the right ear. Secure the rest of your hair above the horizontal part with duck-bill clips. Divide 1-2 inch section of hair from loose section of hair and keep the end of your hair on the foam section of a roller. Start rolling your hair up on the roller and clip the roller closed after you reach the scalp. Continue the rolling process on the rest of the loose hair. Now release half of your hair which was pinned up in the duck-bill clips and brush it completely before starting the rolling process using 1-2 inch sections. Roll your hair away from the face and resume the rolling process until you roll all of the newly released hair. After rolling the entire hair, mist it with a medium-hold hairspray. Leave the rollers on the hair at least four hours and gently release each foam roller one at a time.
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