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Hairstyle With Fake Twists


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Adding fake hair to a natural hair can be difficult process for most of them, but it can make the hair care more manageable. You can also create different hairstyle with a fake hair and one of them it the fake twists that can give a completely different look. Twists have become very popular hairstyle as it can be created with ease. Kinky twists are very popular in this styles as is considered to be economical and stylish.
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To create fake twists, get a synthetic hair as per the color and texture of your hair. Use a hair which will be more conducive to twisting and it must be somewhat rigid which can hold when you twist it. Then separate the hair with a comb and there must be two strands in each section. Next fold the synthetic hair into half and wrap the middle looped portion around your natural hair. Create two strands of synthetic hair and keep the natural hair apart from synthetic hair. Start weaving the hair together with one strand of natural hair with a strand of synthetic hair. Use the same method on the other strands of your hair. Make sure you do not leave any loose single strands of hair while interweaving the hair. Collect two strands of your combined natural as well as synthetic hair and twist both together. Now do entire head with two strands twist and style the hair as per your desire.
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