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Prim Braid Hairstyle


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A prim braid is one of the most unique hairstyles that can be worn by anyone. It is mostly liked by children’s as it can give a really cute look. This hairstyle can be created very easy within few minutes and if you like to add curls for a unique look it may consume little more time.
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Begin your styling process by making a deep side part over the left side of your head. Then take a small section at the back left of the part and keep it close to your crown. Next divide that section into three smaller strands to create a Dutch braid. Try to curve the braid slightly for creating a soft arc shape while you get within an inch of the hair line. Create the arc above the right temple and add hair into both sides of your braid with a few stitches of a regular Dutch braid. Continue to create the Dutch braid till you reach the right part above the ear. After reaching directly above your right ear, start creating the Lace Braid. Use a lace braid for diagonal braid at the back of your head which will make the bottom hair to look like a half-up/half-down hairstyle. Try to tug your hair into the braid a little tighter after reaching the bottom of the left ear to make it look neat. Now end the styling process with a simple braid and secure it with hair elastic.
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