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Ashanti With Pouf Hair


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Ashanti is wearing a beautiful hairstyle with a pouf that is a very unique way of styling the hair. This style was started during the 18th century and it is worn by many celebrities in the present day as well. It is a famous style among most of the women as it is a very highly creative as well as artistic style. This hairstyle can be made more attractive by adding ornaments such as pearls, hair jewelry, headdresses or plumage. It is well received by many women in different countries across Europe and especially in the United Kingdom. This hairstyle is known to consume lot of time and it is also known to be very delicate.
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To create a hairstyle with pouf, first use a thin metal frame for making the shape and keep it padded as well as intertwined with pomaded false hair. Then curl your pomaded hair in the same way that is used to end the shaping and styling of the hair. Now style the hair by using a white or grey powder and height of the hair may vary from subtle 3 feet or the height may also increase to 6 feet in some cases. This hairstyle can stay on the head for at least a week and when it starts to loses its shape wash it again to style it. There are many people who wear calashes to save this type of hairstyle from wind and dirt.
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