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Methods To Remove Cornrows


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Cornrows are the perfect hairstyle that can be worn for several weeks and even months, but it also needs very less maintenance. But while removing the cornrows, the braids may take long as it takes to remove. Removing cornrow is a very delicate process that needs to be done carefully or you may damage the hair. Just follow these steps to remove the cornrows gently.
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To remove the cornrows, first spread a removal cream over the hair roots as well as braids. Leave the cream for about 20 minutes and cut the bonded tips in the cornrows. Unweave the cornrow by working from bottom and use your thumb or even index finger for loosening the small sections of your braid. You must use pointed end of pick comb and stick it in between the woven hair forĀ  loosening the braids. Try to take a cornrow at one time and brush through the unbraided part of the hair before taking your next braid. Mist the hair with a leave-in hair conditioner while combing the hair. Then wash the hair using a shampoo and conditioner. Gently massage your scalp to get rid of crusty and flaky skin. Most of the wearers will face shedding or even hair loss once the braid has been removed. Spread removal cream again in case the bonding material remains also after washing the hair. Try to wash and then condition your hair after removing the excess bonding. Leave the hair dry naturally and make your scalp to relax for three days after this.
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