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Bang Bump Hairstyle


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Bang bump hairstyle is one of the trendiest way of styling the hair and it can give a very attractive look. This style will take less than ten minutes to complete and it can give an all-day look. The bump is usually created on the bangs are about 3 inches long. The bump is created in three different ways such as front, left and right side.
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To create bang bump hairstyle, first comb the bangs forward to check if you have a long hair. Make sure that the hair free of tangles and knots. Now take the bangs in one hand and pull it upward. Then use the opposite hand to back-tease your bangs around the root area. To back-tease the bangs, take the fine tooth comb and tease the back roots of the bangs down gently so it can give the roots a ratty look. Keep your hand on the bangs and pull it back towards the crown of your head. Use your hand for pushing the hair forward to make as large bump. At last secure your hair with mini jaw clips or you can also use bobby pins. Use a comb to smooth any stray bangs and mist the hair with a hairspray. Make sure to use the hairspray over the roots before pulling the back toward the crown for additional height and try to pull the hair to your left or right to secure as a side bump.
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