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Wet Wrapping Hair


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Wet wrapping the hair is usually done with African American hair as it can keep the hair healthy. The wrap can also add volume as well as shape to your hair and it will help the hair to stay relaxed for a longer time. Wet wrapping the hair is the best way for those who have coarse hair as it is much stronger than the fine hair and it is harder to style.
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To wet wrap the hair, first wash it fully with a shampoo and deep condition it. Spread a leave-in conditioner and then apply a medium hold setting lotion all over the hair. Brush your hair with a wide toothed comb from the ends and work it all the way up to the roots. Brush the hair with a rat tail comb and part it from ear to ear. Use the wide toothed comb to brush each section down and around your head clockwise. Make sure your hair is smooth without any lumps and spread a wrap lotion. Use soft bristled brush to control the edges and other loose hair. Try to use a bonnet dryer on your hair for about 45-60 minutes and once the hair becomes fully dry wait for sometime before unwrapping it. At last use wide toothed comb to brush the wrap out in a clockwise direction and style the hair as desired. Try to the keep wrap as flat and smoothly on your scalp to make easier to style.
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