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Hairstyle With Temporary Curls


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Curling the hair using hair curlers can be the best way to achieve temporary curls and it is also the quickest way to create a new look. Creating curls in the hair can change your style as it will have waves, loose curls, ringlets as well as tight curls.
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Before starting the hairstyle, first select the right curler that suits your hair. Then apply a dollop of mousse in your palm and spread it all over the hair. Divide a quarter-inch section of the hair and brush it through the section to remove tangles. Keep the ends of your hair that was separated onto a curler to create curls. You can create an upward flip by keeping the curler on top of the ends and for a downward flip, keep your hair on top of the curler. Roll curler toward your head and make sure to hold the ends with your thumbs till it is secured under the wrapped hair. Now you can secure the curler using a hair clip or a pin and use the same method on the rest of your hair. Leave the curlers for the amount of time recommended on the directions. To get vented curlers, start the styling with a damp hair before rolling it and then apply heat using a blow-dryer. At last loosen the curlers and take it out them one by one. Now style your curls with your fingers and mist the hair with a hairspray.
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