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Tami Roman With Tree Braids


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Tami Roman has got a hairstyle with tree braids that are known to be the popular African American hairstyle that features extensions in the hair along with small braids. This style is also known to be a low-maintenance hairstyle that it worn in the natural and unstraightened state without using any chemicals. After create the tree braid most of the women will have various options in styling their hair. Just follow this simple process to get this hairstyle at home.
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To get tree braids, first separate your hair from front to back of the head which must be half inch wide. Next take half inch section of your natural hair along with extension and divide it into three equal parts. Then braid the section of the hair from front towards the back of your head. Take out few strands of extension in various places and secure it away from your braid. Continue the braiding process until you reach end of your hair make it hang on its own. Take the middle strand of your braid and tie a knot with the remaining sections of hair under the middle strand. Remove the hair strands which were secured and make it hang over the rest of your hair. Make sure both extensions and your natural hair is able to blend together. It is one of the easiest way of styling your hair that can stay for about two to three months without any maintenance.
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